iCarbon 2.2.1

Image iCarbon 2.2.1
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    Windows ME

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    January 30, 2022

  • "Photocopy contents using scanner and printer"

iCarbon uses your printer and scanner together to photocopy all kinds of documents, photographs and other physical elements. The photocopies take place automatically without you being obliged to scan and then print the contents manually.

The agile system of iCarbon is essential especially for those users who do not have a photocopier but want to obtain quick impressions of the documents and immortalizations they scan. In order to photocopy the contents, the software activates the operation of the scanner in order to digitize the element in question, immediately carrying out its printing in physical format.

Before starting the photocopies iCarbon offers you the possibility to personalize the process by defining the resolution of the scanner, the number of copies to obtain and other aspects.